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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 16, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> i am alison starling. great to have you joining us at 5:00 on this rainy tuesday morning. adamtart with ada caskey. >> it will be raining for the next 24 hours. it's not going to rain the entire time through this time tomorrow. we will have showers off and on. the intensity will vary. most of the rain will occur between 1:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. some areas of rain. oriented southwest to northeast. it is around the beltway and on 270 and interstate 95. temperatures are near 50 degrees. up to an inch of rain expected by this time tomorrow. there's wet pavement coming out of the neighborhoods with slippery leaves.
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stalled car on 301 northbound occocreek rd. cre headlights on the way to the beltway near franconia. back to you. >> thank you. begin in prince george's county for a corruption scandal -- the top ranks of local government. keeps growing. nine more people including three police officers face charges. this is days after the fbi arrested county executive jack johnson and his wife lesley. there could be more arrests coming up in the next few days. brianne carter joins us with the latest on these developments. >> good morning. on friday we heard that there were going to be more arrests. that proved to be true yesterday. nine more people were arrested,
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including three police officers. according to authorities, two officers are accused of being involved in tobacco and alcohol smuggling. another officer faces a gun and the drugs charges. federal authorities would not explain how, but they have said the cases are related to the crunch and allegations friday, investigation that led to the rest of county executive jack johnson and his wife. more arrests are coming. yesterday we hear from jack johnson. he said that he could not speak about the rest, but that he will continue on a mission that he has for the past eight years as county executive. last night we learn from county executive electress turn baker, who would not comment on that, but the city with a focused on its priorities and issues for people in prince george's county. back to you. >> thank you. stanwix abc 7 for complete
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coverage of a prince george's county college in scandal. we will live the latest developments on the air and at in other news on this tuesday, police have a clue as they search for the mother of an abandoned baby. the infant girl was born full term and is doing fine. the newborn was left in a parking lot at st. raymond's catholic church in springfield police sunday. george goers found turan called 911 -- churchgoers found her. >> she brought the baby and plenty of time to be found and not to be hurt. >> the infant was wrapped in blankets and towels in a pink dufflebag. they say the mother needs medical attention and that the pink bag could be a cool.
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the chandra levy case is almost over. today both sides will begin closing arguments and this comes as more charges against the chief suspects have been dismissed. courtney robinson is live in northwest with what some are saying is the beginning of the end. >> good morning. ingmar guandique initially faced nine charges. now he faces two counts of first-degree murder. this will be a big day at d.c. superior court as this could go to the jury by day's end. it is one cellmates word against another's. that will determine the fate of ingmar guandique, the man accused of murdering federal intern chandra levy in may of 2001. yesterday the defense rested its case if, pointing to the lack of physical evidence and they put another cellmate of ingmar guandique on the stand by
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closed circuit television from prison. misty was a fellow gang member of ingmar guandique and that he was in the same cell. another inmate testified that guandique intended to rob a woman and tackled her and she stopped breathing and stopped screaming. after three weeks of testimony, almost 10 years after the murder, according is releasing evidence like this phone message from gary condit that was left on chandra levy's voicemail, days after her disappearance. >> its 6:30. i've not heard from you so maybe you are allen of the country or something. anyway, give me a call. >> we heard from gary condit during the trial. one person we did not hear from and will not hear from is ingmar
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guandique. he will not testify. live in northwest, courtney robinson. >> thank you. american soldier is among the latest casualties of the afghan war. the pentagon says the 28-year- old army specialist david lutes died last week when his unit was attacked with an improvised explosive device. he leaves behind a wife and two children in strasbourg. a soldier from iowa will become the first living service members since the vietnam war to earn the medal of honor. staff sgt salvator punta repeatedly ran into enemy fire to save american lives and rescued a fellow soldier from the taliban. on this tuesday morning, the redskins and eagles had historic night of football, however, the
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redskins were on the wrong side. >> monday night football turned out to be a mess. >> rolling and marching downfield, he accelerates for the opening play. all the way for a touchdown. >> the eagles jumped out of the gate running and never let up. 59 points for them, the most points ever by a team during monday night football. more on that stunning loss coming up later. >> the most points ever? >> yes. 49 degrees. >> still ahead, the archbishop's on to rise, d.c.'s next cardinal gets ready to depart for rome. >> more backlash at area airports as security hits little close to home.
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"me time"! [ male announcer ] the simple joy of a frappé. ♪ tuesday morning, 5:10. it is damp and soggy, especially up and down the 95 corridor, the beltway, and 270.
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we have a small batch of rain moving through virginia, and coming toward our metro area. especially between 1:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. is when i expect the brunt of the rainfall to move through. as part of the storm system tracking to the northeast. let's go to the graphics. right near 50 degrees at reagan national. 46 in gaithersburg. 52 in lexington park. mid 50's this afternoon. a brief shower tonight and early tomorrow. otherwise, sonny tomorrow with windy conditions. in virginia, not much to say. there's no overnight construction. no problems on 95 or 66. everything looks good across the key bridge. out of waldorf, broken-down
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vehicle blocking the right lane. taking you to frederick county, md., 270 at 85. this is downstream at 109. back to you. >> thank you. its 48 degrees on this tuesday morning. >> coming up, a social network's new list feature, facebook regarding email. >> emily schmidt in washington, a protest against new security screening measures at airports. >> the frantic search for missing family, the
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5:14. nine more people face charges in connection with a corruption probe in prince george's county. three are police officers. if the latest development comes days after investigators arrested prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife lesley. closing arguments begin today in the trial of ingmar guandique. he's accused of killing a federal intern chandra levy in 2001. the defense rested its case yesterday and prosecutors dropped two more charges against ingmar guandique. investigators searched a central ohio lake for three people missing for nearly one week. a girl who disappeared with them was found. two cars were found in the water, but they don't know if this is connected. the tsa comes under fire. controversy is growing surround tactics that some people say
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are too invasive. >> passengers are accustomed to taking off their shoes and their belts and their jackets to go through airport security screening. some people say that now their privacy is infringed on because of the new screening such as full body scanners at some u.s. airports and new searches -- and new pat-down searches. >> we can do that are out here, but if you touch my genitals, i will have you arrested. >> federal officials say that the security measures are needed. if too many people opt for the
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pat-down, which takes two minutes, that could slow down security lines for everyone. the tsa says that man could face fines of up to $11,000 for failing to complete the federal screening. reporting from northwest, emily schmidt. back to you. >> thank you. in this day ahead, a senate panel will meet to talk about how to close the gap on air cargo security. the homeland security and government affairs committee will have a hearing with the tsa administrator and the customs and border control commission. a house panel continues deliberating whether new york congressman charles rangel violated house rules. the veteran democrat has 13 allegations of financial and fund-raising misconduct. if the panel finds that he violated house rules, he will likely face ohio's vote on his
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misconduct. lawmakers have to pass a spending bill to keep the federal government opened and they will decide whether to extend the bush tax cuts and congress will look at whether to appeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that would ban gays from serving openly in the military. is facebook the future of communications? rob nelson has more on the new way to network on the social web site. >> facebook has unveiled a new messaging system designed to be an ongoing conversation, it and koga rates email and shatz and instant messages -- it incorporates email, chats, and instant messages. there is a remake of nba jam that is going on sale for the xbox. >> too many sports titles are
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not realistic. this one is about having fun and trash talking with your friends. it is realistic. it is really simple, not about strategy. just about beating your friends and having a good sign. >> those are your "tech bytes" and i am rob nelson. traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's talk to adam caskey. at least 24 more hours of spotty showers. >> yes. a morning sprinkle tomorrow. more active tomorrow. a pretty sunny day overall tomorrow. the tools of this rain event. almost 0.3 inches in the district and annandale.
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temperatures in the 40's. 47 in the district. 49 in annandale and riverdale. here is live super doppler 7 radar. notice spotty shower is just about everywhere. approaching culpeper is the yellow and orange. . upper hand down 270 and all the way through the beltway, we have rain moving through the southwest and northeast upper hand down the beltway. 95 and on 360, all the major arteries, basically, it's raining. even upper hand down 95. stafford into the mixing bowl, we have showers. let's look at what's happening outside. there's no rain down to the southwest, parts of a low pressure system bringing the moisture northward. -- there is more rain,
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high temperatures today in the mid 50's. gusty tomorrow at 62 degrees. pretty straightforward weather friday into the weekend with sunshine. looks ok around the beltway. 395 north bound, the third street tunnel has a tractor- trailer that could not fit into the tunnel. police are backing it upper. that should be allowed of there soon. at the roosevelt bridge, reports of a stalled vehicle blocking the lane. looks good on the approach to land from the bridge. looks quiet on 110 near the pentagon. now to rosslyn -- from rosslyn inn to georgetown on the key bridge. looks fine. looks good on the whitehurst freeway between the key bridge
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and sent streets. crossing the american legion critics looks fine as well. back to you. >> thank you. it's 48 degrees. >> bad news for redskins fans. it was a monday night football debacle for the redskins. we'll hear from donovan mcnabb, coming up next. >> today on "oprah," a historic television moment, barbra streisand and robert redford meeting up, today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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at some point during the year, you have a gut check and this would be one of them. >> a kick in the gut for redskins fans. >> 59 points for the eagles during monday night football. now to tim brant. >> good morning. georgetown beat tulane in college basketball. 23 points for austin. then it was the defense. they forced a turnover. then watch this. a nice pass to sanford. georgetown won. before donovan mcnabb went to fedex field last night, he
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signed a new contract. a five-year deal that's worth $70 million, $40 million guaranteed. he would be 39 years old by the time is complete. before the game i spoke with a former general manager for the nfl. he does not think donovan mcnabb will get to the back end of the contract. if the redskins last night were defeated by the eagles last night. have a great day, everybody. >> he's in denial. 5:26, 48 degrees. >> talaya said at 5:30, washington's top priest goes to rome for a promotion. >> live in prince george's county, according to a scandal is expanding. details coming upper. >> meteorologist adam caskey in
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the belfort furniture weather center on th
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> these are not sad days in prince george's county. >> straight ahead this half- hour, prince george's county leaders look to the future as the web of alleged corruption keeps growing. good morning, washington. welcome back on this tuesday, november 16. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. much more on that in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. a first check on the forecast with adam caskey. >> showers off and on all day,
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into the night. tapering off around this time tomorrow. rentals should be around 1 inch overall -- rain totals. in western loudoun county there is steady light rain. along the beltway and in the district as well. on the lower left of your screen is a yellow and orange. in culpeper, a moderate downpour. let's go to the forecast. we are in the upper 40's right now. mid 50's this afternoon off with a light southeasterly wind. if tomorrow will be pretty sunny overall, with windy conditions, as in the low 60's. in the 50's on friday. 270 southbound, a crash near
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85 reported. farther south before the lane divide, there's a stalled car blocking the lanes. out of waldorf into brandywine, there's a vehicle blocking the northbound side near ok' ccoceek rd. there is a tunnel where a truck was not able to sit through a and police are backing it up. and years traffic at colesville road. back to you. >> thank you. back to the corruption scandal in prince george's county that have led to more arrests. nine more people, including three police officers, face charges. >> there could still be more arrests. brianne carter has the latest on the investigation. good morning. >> good morning. following the arrest of county executive jack johnson on friday, it was the tip of the
5:32 am
icebergs and that more arrests would be coming. that proved true yesterday morning when nine more people were arrested. it is a scandal everyone in prince george's is talking about. everyone except the man in charge of the county. >> what we are focused on is the needs of the people in prince george's county. >> federal investigators arrested nine people including three police officers. sergeant richard delabrer and callie lou caskey are accused of being in a tobacco and other charges with a liquor store owner. >> police officers violated trust of the people of prince george's county, and committed serious criminal violations. >> this is related to the case
5:33 am
of the rest of jack johnson and his wife leslie. >> we are asking the public that might have information regarding any corruption within this county, in any department, to contact the fbi. >> yesterday we also heard from county executive jack johnson, who would not speak about the rest, but said a devastating strong and focused on carrying out his job for the next three weeks. brianne carter reporting. >> for more details and more reaction to the ongoing investigation, log on to the on- line home of abc 7 news, fairfax county police are intensifying their search for the mother of an abandoned baby. the infant was left outside st. raymond's catholic church in springfield sunday morning. she is doing fine according to doctors. they discovered her inside a it
5:34 am
dufflebag. they believe the mother needs medical attention. the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the serial shooter targeting military buildings. investigators have linked to that person to five shootings across northern virginia. looking at the day ahead, closing arguments will begin in the trial of ingmar guandique. the man accused of killing a federal intern chandra levy in 2001. the defense rested its case today. prosecutors dropped two more charges against guandique. only two murder counts remain against him. but washington archbishop goes to rome today. >> this is exciting. there is also something humbling about it.
5:35 am
i am fully aware that being named to the cardinal has to do with being archbishop of washington. cardinalse of 24 new and one of two from the u.s.. he will be accompanied by 400 people from d.c. and pittsburgh. he will be elevated to cardinal on saturday. if you stayed up to watch its, the redskins game was over before it began. >> they fell behind by 28 in just the first quarter. but there were some signs of life in the middle of that monday night fight. now from bethesda, more on the washington washout. pamela brown, good morning. >> good morning if. the redskins had not played in two weeks. that excitement quickly turned into disappointment out of the gate.
5:36 am
quarterback michael vick had no mercy on the redskins after sitting of a first game with an injury. the redskins could not to get their act together. donovan mcnabb threw two interceptions. the redskins got slaughtered 59-28, the most points by a team on monday night. the fans were not happy. >> we are embarrassed. as an organization and the players and as a football team. we will respond accordingly. >> we watch the films and come back from this. this is one that you already know, it is fresh in your mind of what happened. we will change this on wednesday when we get back out there. >> donovan mcnabb was benched at
5:37 am
the end of the game against the detroit lions. he's had a five-year contract extension now, worth millions of back to you. >> thank you. >. >> thank you. 5:37, 49 degrees. >> still ahead, the final four, we will check out the semifinals. >> is this security or invasion of privacy? the latest air travel controversy. the latest air travel controversy. >> ♪my country, tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee i sing; ohhhhh, land where my fathers died,
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land of the pilgrims' pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring! ♪
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help us celebrate thanksgiving by purchasing a pie at our website. good morning, washington. 5:40 on this tuesday morning. it is a classic rainy day. plan for indoor activities today. we have picked up up to one- third of an inch. that was in annandale and in the district. we will see the totals of up to 1 inch by this time tomorrow. areas of rain from southwest to northeast across most of the
5:41 am
region. southern maryland is getting a break at this time. showers off and on today, highs in the mid 50's. some areas of rain tonight into early tomorrow. mostly sunny tomorrow, with , low 60's. northbound 395 at the entrance for the third street tunnel, and it was dispatched as a tractor-trailer that could not fit into the tunnel. as it turns out, the tractor trailer is broken down. that's not good. \ traffic out of virginia, across the 14th street bridge will start backing up soon because of the tractor trailer that is tucked in right lane at the third street tunnel. we will keep an eye on this geico camera. back to you. >> thank you. very good. 48 degrees outside.
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5:41. >> coming up, the final four in dancing. and the president. >> if you touch my junk, i will have your vested. >> backlash against security screening. >> and disturbing developments in the
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[ male announcer ] america spoke, verizon listened. switch to fios today, now with no term contract required. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. tonight at 5 decarr, does your family have a best friend? we will introduce you to animals ready for adoption. the joys and special concerns that you need to know about. pet adoption, a live event at 5:00. checking top stories. tuesday morning. three prince george's county police officers were among nine more people arrested in connection with the wide-ranging corruption probe. two officers charged with extortion and a third with drug-
5:46 am
trafficking. friday prince george's county executive jack johnson was addressed along with his wife. all wash out at fedex field last night and a blow out. hours after redskins quarterback donovan mcnabb signed a five- year contract, the philadelphia eagles crushed the burgundy and gold 59-28. new details emerging in the death of a 10-year-old north carolina girl. zahra baker's killer dismembered her remains and placed them at different locations. her stepmother is in jail on charges related to the girl's death. headed to the busiest travel time of the year. the tsa faces a flurry of criticism over new security searches at airports. passengers have the option of full body imaging or pat-downs. >> busy holiday travel often
5:47 am
means crowded flights. it is a pre-flight routine that has some customers feeling it's personal. >> if you touch my junk, i will have you arrested. >> john tyner did not want the pants on search. he posted the interaction on youtube. >> our commitment is to the public safety, protecting the public's. >> 300 full body scanners are in 60 u.s. airports with more ahead. >> they do not resemble electronics researches. >> then there are pat-down with more extensive hand searches and no chance to refuse. >> i don't like being tested in personal areas. >> the tsa says the man could face $11,000 in fines for not
5:48 am
completing federal screening. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. we will find out how many people will be taking to the skies this thanksgiving with the aaa annual thanksgiving the "travel forecast" to be released later this morning. whether you are driving or flying or wherever you are going, expect to pay more this year. today the d.c. mayor adrian fenty will unveil the district's first curbside electric car charger. it was designed to make things more convenient for electric cars. it will take place and a democrat 45 this morning at the franklin center at 2000 14th st. in downtown washington. >> maryland canceled bids on a contract to take over operations on camden and brunswick lines. the bidding was canceled because of insufficient competition. officials plan to revise the contract and put it up for another bid.
5:49 am
the state wants to improve service on the lines which have struggled to maintain an acceptable on-time performance. ken cuccinelli says the department of motor vehicles does not have to accept a federal work permit. the dna removed the permit from a list of documents after a libya -- after a a bolivian citizen was involved in a fatal car crash. adam caskey has the tuesday forecast. kind of tree outside. >> very dreary. -- kind of dreary outside. >> indoor activities today. where is it raining? it is raining across a lot of the region right now. southern maryland is getting a break. they got a few showers
5:50 am
overnight. most of the rain is in virginia, especially culpeper, rappahannock county is, if moving into fauquier county, steady rain in stafford and fredericksburg. slowly moving to the north and east. in the beltway we still have a few stray showers. it's not raining all the way up 56. there are damp roads pretty much everywhere throughout the area. it is 62 in the district for the high temperature -- it is 52 for the current temperature in the district. almost 0.3 inches of rain in the area so far. three-quarters of an inch by the time this is over, on average. on the upper right part of the
5:51 am
screen there is active weather. there is moisture marching up from the south that will move into the east coast. showers off and on tonight and tapering off tomorrow morning. in terms of temperatures, there's a low pressure system. that will have our temperatures the mid 50's the temperature is tonight will be warmer than this afternoon. but coming sunday tomorrow. gusty. temperatures in the low 60's. in the 50's for thursday through the weekend. seasonable and sunny. slippery on the roadways. we will show you an accident. police were quick to respond. at gude aned nurbeck.
5:52 am
395 at the third street tunnel, a tractor trailer broke down. looks good at the area of the pentagon and arlington across the bridge and into town. back to you. >> thank you. there was a lot of great dancing last night on dancing with the stars. it was a perfect night for jennifer grey. she waltzed. kyle massey came in second with 29 points. brandy scored triple - 4 the pasoble -- for the doble. bristol palin and scored 26 points for waltz. >> whatever happens, happens. we gave our best and where the best we could be. >> one couple will have to go
5:53 am
home. we will find out tonight for the results at 9:00 on abc 7. they make it look so easy. but it has to be so hard. >> lil seductive. i did not realize that. >> there you go. >> you never hear them when they land at a ballet, but they would hear me. >> not as graceful? >> moving on >> . bill clinton will make an appearance on the big screen. he shot a scene for "to hang over ii" he was in bangkok, thailand giving a speech on clean energy. the movie is expected to be released in may. >> interesting to see what that
5:54 am
scene will be about. >> interesting to see what that scene will be about. >> 5:53,
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giant foods is cutting the amount of time the salvation army bell ringers are able to be outside its stores. >> this year the supermarket is
5:57 am
cutting the amount of time that they can be on their property. if that's by 85%. the salvation army believes if the amount of runny they could raise will be dropping dramatically because of this. >> half of the funds we raised in front of stores last year is in question. >> giants says this allows more time for other groups to solicit and it is looking out for customers. while many customers appreciate the opportunity to give, we also have customers who want to do their shopping, says the giant. there's a lot more still to come in the next hour on this tuesday. >> a slow start the holiday giving could mean empty tables this thanksgiving. coming up, live at d.c. superior court, almost 10 years after her murder and three weeks
5:58 am
of testimony, the man accused of killing chandra levy. of testimony, the man accused of killing chandra levy.
5:59 am
still ahead, a flogging at fedex field. this redskins game was over before the first quarter ended. of widespread c


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